directed by Álvaro Viguera

You, my first movie



This work presents a clear set of narrative levels.Two interpreters give account of a relationship that moves between reality and fiction, to the point of perceiving the other as a character in a film story. The dramaturgy is certainly poetic but also seeks to recreate the intimacy of the imagination. A tree painted on the wall of the stage proposes the distortion of the scenic space, where we will never know if what we see is reality or an illusion.

What is real and what is not when facing one another?In what way do we take charge of the real when it has already lost its objectivity? You, my first movie is a love story that reveals the fragility of reality. Dreams, creation and reality seem to coexist in the same time and space. It makes us reflect on the complexity that exists in a couple’s daily life On the need for a reference to build our own existence. The need to create an other (You) to be part of something.



Dramaturgia y dirección: Álvaro Viguera
Elenco: Natalia Grez , Cristóbal Muhr
Diseño integral: Claudia Yolin
Iluminación: Claudio Rojas
Música original: Camilo Salinas
Gráfica: Mauricio DuCheylard
Prensa: Florencia Zulueta
Teatro del puente 2008