directed by Álvaro Viguera

All My Sons




The performance itself: how to find a neat, organic and profound performance. Arthur Miller with this work undoubtedly lays the foundation for realistic theater or American social drama. For me it has been a challenge to face this work in an uncommon way and different from how I had worked realism before. The actors know that my proposal intensifies the search for new forms of acting representation. We are talking about a play that was written in 1947, whose themes are still current, but that has a dramatic structure that does not match with the times of now, with the reading of the narration. The great challenge has been how to give an organic air to this structure, with a performance that the public can feel closeness.





Joe Keller is a successful businessman, with no more apparent remorse than the disappearance of Larry, one of his two sons, during World War II. On a quiet Sunday, the arrival of Ann, Larry’s old girlfriend, will make the Keller family re-encounter the past, opening wounds that they thought surpassed. All my sons is a story about guilt, the search for justice and what we are willing to do and hide to protect those we love.

Premiere Theater UC, 2018

Dramaturgy: Arthur Miller

Direction: Álvaro Viguera

Cast: Cristián Campos, Coca Guazzini, Jorge Arecheta, Antonia Santa María, Benjamín Westfall, Cristián Carvajal, Elisa Zulueta, Luis Cerda, Sol De Caso

Translation: Rodrigo Olavarría

General production: Antonia Santa María

Scenography design: Daniela Vargas

Illumination design:  Andrés Poirot

Costume Design: Andrea Carolina Contreras

Musical composition: Camilo Salinas

Illustration: José Benmayor

Photographs: Estudio Schkolnick

Makeup: Paloma Cruchaga

hairdressing: Felipe Carrera