directed by Álvaro Viguera

Sunset Limited


The situation in this play is presented through a suicidal and a preacher who openly develop a stark existentialism, in front of the powerful love and mystery of God. Through a kind of “scenic sequence plane”, the confinement and marginality of the human condition is shown. The characters of this play touched me and impress me intensely, solitary beings that must be understood despite their explicit differences. Is this an act of unconscious kindness? It seems that in the agony of abandonment we seek to understand ourselves in a desperate way and it is enough a minimal opportunity to confess what we truly feel to fall into the void of absolute mystery.



Two lonely men in a flat. As the dialogue progresses we know that one of the characters, from a cultured and privileged life, has tried to commit suicide. The other, an ex-convict turned into an evangelical pastor, tries to dissuade him. A sharp and profound theater play in which the characters are always in danger and show us the violence and discrimination that surround us.


Cast: Roberto Farías y Marcelo Alonso
Dramaturgy: Cormac McCarthy
Director: Álvaro Viguera
Adaptation: Rafael Gumucio
Directo´s assistant: Sol De Caso

Integral desing: Ramón López
Original music: Camilo Salinas
Costume desing: Natalia Manzor
Assistant set desing: Isis Troncoso
Sparring: Carlos Briones
Photography: Rod Pinto
Photography desing: Diego Bustos
Executive production: The Cow Company & Teatro UC