directed by Álvaro Viguera

The pianist legend


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“The Legend of the Pianist” is an adaptation of the monologue “Novecento”, from Alessandro Baricco, who intends to evoke by means of an installation of artist Samy Benmayor and the live music of Camilo Salinas, the nostalgia and loneliness that Novecento experiences throughout his life. The play tells the story of a child who is abandoned by immigrants on a transatlantic called Virginian.This child is found by a sailor, who baptizes it with the name of Novecento.Through the story, we will find out that this child will spend the rest of his life on the ship, from which he will never go down and live there to becoming the greatest pianist in the world.

Texto: Alessandro Baricco
Adaptación y dirección: Álvaro Viguera
Elenco: Álvaro Viguera, Camilo Salinas
Música original: Camilo Salinas
Escenografía: Samy Benmayor
Diseño Iluminación :Claudio Rojas

Estreno 2006, Teatro del Puente
2007 Festival Stgo a Mil
2008, Sala Arrau, teatro Municipal
2014 Teatro del Lago/ Teatro Municipal Temuco