directed by Álvaro Viguera

The recording


The play goes through a very sensitive encounter: a grandmother about to die and her granddaughter.In a space that synthesizes the room of the grandmother, both women will relate the information that they have of the history of this country. Two visions of the world that confront each other to generate doubts about the story of a story that has been told in a given way.


Elisa wants to record her grandmother’s life through a recording, which will lead her to encounter contradictions, secrets and a particular vision of the recent history of Chile through this woman who lived through two dictatorships, two exiles and, since the comfortable back room, lived the biggest transformation in the country. A clash between two generations: the one that experienced the popular unity and the coup, and the one that inherited its repercussions.

(Español) Dirección: Álvaro Viguera
Elenco: Delfina Guzman, Elisa Zulueta
Dramaturgia: Rafael Gumucio
Diseño integral: Claudia Yolin
Música original: Camilo Salinas
Vestuario: Rodrigo Farías
Producción general: Antonia Santa Maria
Producción: GAM
Estreno GAM 2013