directed by Álvaro Viguera

Hopefull Monster



This plat is next to The Dance is a brief but precise attempt to put body language in dialogue with the word.The characters, two assassins who desperately seek their own names, build only with their bodies a poetic environment.The main idea was to synthesize through the body language the different spaces inhabited by the characters.


Two characters who do not know their names.Two assassins who are easily irritated by having to fly on a plane or go shopping at the fair.Both will desperately seek the love of killing for killing.They do not sleep, they will never sleep.


2002, Small Format Theater Festival, Galpón 7.

Direction: Álvaro Viguera
Dramaturgy: Andrés Kalawski
Cast: Francisca Ortiz , Matias Oviedo
Integral Desing: Teatro Ensimenor