directed by Álvaro Viguera

I’m good, super good


Through five interpreters, I search in an unrealistic space to gather impulses and obsessions of everyday desires of beings trapped by an apparently successful life system.Through the body they will generate questions that give an account of their visions of the world in an anguishing and uncertain future.Body language aims to develop a narrative synthesis about the concepts of success and loneliness.

The play accounts for the testimonies of five characters that make up a system of relationships that imposes a model of successful society, where everyone believes they are good but deep down they only hide the bitterness of failure and defeat. Characters who believe they are very well, but who can never truly face their true fears and desires.


Dirección: Álvaro Viguera
Dramaturgia: Teatro ensimenor
Elenco: Francisca Ortiz, Natalia Grez, Rodrigo Lisboa, Cristóbal Muhr, Matías Oviedo
Diseño integral: Teatro Ensimenor
Iluminación: Pato Bravo
Estreno: Galpón 7, 2005