directed by Álvaro Viguera

Passing Stations


From the stage point of view, the created theatricality is marked by a concrete and direct language, where the three interpreters tell in fragmented and alternately their history. These narrations are interrupted by situations of black humor, or songs, where our point of view is shown in front of the original text, thus rendering an intertextuality of the book by Almudena Grandes, proposing a new and own reading of his novel and thus obtaining a play that is capable of containing the concerns of those who make it up, and generate questions that can further highlight the problem of adolescence.

Another protagonist of this montage is music. A string quartet composed especially for the work, intervenes as a character, narrating and supporting the stories.


Based on the novel by Almudena Grandes: Passing Stations.  ( Estaciones de paso)

The play shows three stories that speak of adolescents who have had to live situations and experiences that have surpassed them but, even if they do not know it, they will end up surpassing and forging the adult in which they will become.Stories that speak to us of courage, of family relationships, of determination, of love, of feelings and, above all, of those experiences that no matter how much they hurt us, whether they overcome us or we do not understand, it is necessary to live and cross them, like those passing stations that we must cross to arrive at our destiny



Puesta en escena: Alvaro Viguera
Texto Original: Almudena Grandes
Adaptación: Colectiva
Actrices: Elisa Zulueta, Antonia Santa María, Daniela Molina.
Música Original: Marcelo Vergara.
Arreglos Vocales: Elvira López
Diseño Vestuario: Fernanda Durán.
Escenografía: Rodrigo Santa María.
Iluminación: Claudio Rojas.
Producción: Antonia Eluchans, Antonia Santa María.
Estreno Lastarria 90, 2007