directed by Álvaro Viguera

The Glass Menagerie


The glass menagerie is one of the most emblematic works of the North American author Tennessee Williams. It is a play that the author takes to talk about his own life and in that sense it becomes a deeply biographical material, but it is also a play that proposed a renovation in the theatrical codes of the mid-20th century, standing out the break of unit space / time / action and the high poetic level in the drive of his story.

It is a play that takes us to the human essence through the portrait of a North American family of the 30s, fractured by the absence of the father and the pressure of the economic system prevailing in the society of the time. The glass menagerie exposes us to silent and isolated fantasies through the relationship of a mother and her two children. Each of these characters seeks the meaning of their own life without achieving a response that gives hope. With the arrival of a fourth character, the “suitor”, this family will try to secure the future of a dream that can never be realized.

In the menagerie glass, Happiness seems to be elsewhere.


(Español) Amanda Wingfield (Claudia Di Girolamo) es la posesiva matriarca de una familia fracturada por el abandono del padre, que domina a sus hijos a través de exageradas historias sobre su pasado esplendoroso. El único proveedor de la casa, su hijo Tom (Héctor Morales), solo quiere escapar para vivir aventuras, mientras su extremadamente frágil y tímida hija Laura (Adriana Stuven) se retira a su mundo de ensueño, dificultando los esfuerzos de su madre por encontrarle un pretendiente que los rescate de su situación. Cuando aparece Jim (Matías Oviedo), un posible candidato y quizás la última oportunidad para Laura de encontrar pareja, Amanda utilizará todos los medios que tiene a su disposición para asegurar el futuro de su acomplejada hija.



Premiere Mori Bellavista Theater, 2017

Dramaturgy: Tennessee Williams

Direction: Álvaro Viguera

Scenography design: Daniela Fresard

Illumination: Daniela Fresard

Costume Design: Andrea Carolina

Photographs: Álvaro Viguera

Original Music: Camilo Salinas

The Cow Company / Centro Mori Bellavista