directed by Álvaro Viguera

The Tooth brush


The work here is to replace one of the classics of Chilean dramaturgy. The challenge is to update the specificity of Jorge Díaz’s theater, whose work I admire a lot. The most interesting thing is to pose the figure of a bourgeois married couple to a rather young audience. The transfer of the era,the reflection on the way how to establish a relationship, the way to communicate, the everyday situations portrayed on absurd situations make this theatrical production an interesting and powerful experience. The game and the irony were the premises that we developed.



A bourgeois couple is obsessed with filling time, trying to escape routine. The different games in which the characters embark cover all the possibilities, from the innocent to the macabre, very funny, creating multiple universes for the spectators to analyze our own lives. The toothbrush was first released in 1961 with the Ictus company. This work by Jorge Díaz marked a milestone in the Chilean theater scene and today returns with a new theatrical language.

Cast: Geraldine Neary, Luis Cerda
Director´s assistant: Sol de Caso
Scenography: Daniela Vargas – Andrés Poirot
Illumination desing: Andrés Poirot
Musical Composition: Camilo Salinas
Costume desing: Daniela Vargas
Scenography and costume assistant : Carolina Lazo
Production: Teatro UC