directed by Álvaro Viguera

Conference about the rain


It’s an unusual proposal, which brings into play the theatricality and generates a horizontal relationship with the Viewer.

The text is excellent, it is human and intellectual. In addition, it has a call to poetry and writers hidden in the silence of our times. The play moves you for its simplicity and the reflection that arises in the relationship with each reader with their own reading.

A librarian tries to make a lecture, but the stories of his life, his books and his past loves get in the way.
From the relationship between rain and poetry we will immerse ourselves in the past as a dimension of the present. A man questioning, recognizing and looking for answers. Undoubtedly, all men seem to be equal in the rain. If a book depends on the reader, a conference depends on the public. A text by the award-winning Mexican writer Juan Villoro.

“This is an unusual proposal, in which theatricality is at stake and there is a horizontal relationship with the viewer. The text is excellent, it is human and intellectual. In addition, he calls for poetry and writers in this country full of poets, “says the director.

(Español) Estreno Puerto de Ideas, Centro cultural Ex cárcel, Valparaíso. 2015.
Dramaturgia: Juan Villoro
Dirección: Álvaro Viguera
Elenco: Alejandro Goic
Producción: Alejandro Goic y Álvaro Viguera /
Co-producción: Puerto de Ideas.
Diseño integral: Álvaro Viguera